Cat, dog and tiger story

Grandson: Grandpa, why is our family dog saw the cat would bite ah?Grandpa: Because dogs and cats past life grudges against ah!Grandson: Why ah?Grandpa told me the story!Grandpa: Good!  Saying the past ah, cats, three dogs and a tiger are good friends, and later cats and the tiger went up the mountain Arts.They have learned from the master that a unique skills.After the cat learned kung fu is Lesch-off of blood, so it catches mice, never leaving bloodstains.The tiger then?It is learned kung fu cut Schweitzer Park, so its ability to hunt is strong.  On the way down into the division, said tiger cat: “Huge, Master also really stingy, why only one person to teach us a unique skills ah?”Tiger relatively simple and honest, said:” Master said that as long as the hard work and practice, a unique skills you can take the mountain king!”Cats do not believe, he said:” The master is a lie!”Thought said:” Huge Otherwise, you taught me to cut Schweitzer Park’s unique skills, skills I teach you Lesch-off of blood, how?”Tiger one, think it is a good idea, so he agreed!However, they also have their own concerns, ah, afraid that others after learning kung fu, refused to put their effort to teach each other, discussing who should teach kung fu when cats want to pass the tiger, the tiger can do?Cats want to pass.Finally loggerheads, they went to the dogs.  So the dog decide when their notary, which allows the tiger to teach kung fu to the cat, let the cat to teach kung fu tiger.Cats can be happy, it is under the supervision of the dog, tiger earnest to learn kung fu for three days, and finally to teach kung fu master Xue Daoshou of the tiger.Can the evening, cats sleep, and it wants: “Master on two unique skills, and now I have learned, if I do not teach a tiger, I’m the best in the world!I can not be so stupid ah!”So that night the cat ran away from home, it is up to the woods to hide.The next day, the dog and the tiger until the afternoon, the cat did not see coming, they know fooled.So, the cat can not find the tiger angry, it made all the gas in the body of the dog, the poor dog bite black and blue.Later, as long as the dog is much smell of tiger, scared and trembling, huddled could not walk up.  However, because this thing is caused by cats, so cats and dogs decided to go to accounts.Later, as long as the dog hit a cat, I hate it bite doubled up Park.The cats do?Because the dog is not guilty of the opponent, he went into hiding.  Grandson: What happened then?grandfather!Cats not yet learned two unique skills?How it can not be the best in the world it?Grandpa: Cat is learned two unique skills, but because it is not hard work and practice self-righteous, lying down to sleep during the day, and come out at night to capture a few small animals to eat, so it’s getting smaller and smaller body, where can king ah!Although the tiger cheated, but it is hard work, trained himself more and more strong, and finally become the king of the forest!