Most close female friends hate cats, perhaps women are born of intuition, elegant creatures will always make them jealous heart, but his mother is an exception, she is very cat. The first would like to own a cat, is graduating from college, perhaps because the cat’s unique “feminine” so people just graduated ceremony was held to complete, I own a cat germination of the idea. Said that the cat is a “female creature” most not too soft slender body, a unique catwalk, these are becoming fashion models necessary professional skills, but also cats especially love clean, if carefully observed, every time you eat cat little girls finished rice will be like going to an appointment, holding a small mirror to dress carefully, for fear of leaving dirty face.Cats also particularly hate it when people touch him ass, maybe the cat appears, touch the bottom of this matter and women differ elegance. I raised the first cat Beggar-ni.Father loves his life clean and cats would say hair loss, urinary chaos everywhere, do not want to keep small animals at home, under the auspices of my mother, finally surrendered and promised to raise a.Flower-ni is that I Amoy to dogs and cats in the county market, it is almost infused with all my love and hope.But the good, the second month in a flower-ni got home, because his father once negligence, forget close the door to go out, spend ni sneak out and never looked back, attached a few days, I’m calling its name, in touch home near the hospital but did not find any clue, distraught I did not wish to eat, every day unhappy, then most opposed to cats father gave me a pleasant surprise, gave me an orange cat. As network transmission, orange cat character is very lively, especially in the big 2-3 months of age, a time when shamelessly learn skills of older, everyone telling anyone bite scratch, not a weight, above all my two hands it’s a masterpiece: the scars left by cat scratch, which makes the already reticent to me, more like a movie gangster Big Brother scar inner tube, and thus be worthy of the title of this yellow lunatic on a non-perfectly.This touches with flower ladies Fan ni Qiaqia contrary, is handed a letter of brutal little girl. Yellow crazy long after 5-6 months to mature mentally, it seems to find himself as a “elegant woman”, has gradually become comfortable together, Hutouhunao yellow pattern it resembles a small pocket tiger, so Huang crazy mother to a name ground gas: cub. Talking about the cat, the cat would have to mention clever, that is smart, as it is a wise, different cat and dog, the dog will bark chatting away to strangers, even strangers and cats close to each other, I am particularly kneading the little tiger cub love, every time malicious near it, it will always be aware and smart dodge open, but no matter who, when you With a gentle mood close to it, the cub will obediently lying on the floor and let you touch, the cat seems to have an invisible third eye human insight into the world, and can see the world of good and evil. Cats fickle, gained only male cats, can go out to eat every mother carefully prepared cat food outside crazy on two or three days, then come home and no one else devoured during the rut, eating and fell asleep, woke up and out.Never to raise its owner into the eyes, do not listen to the words of the owner like a dog, and sometimes even challenge the authority of the head of the family father, there are times gained three days to go home, I do not know who owes Merry debt, was (cat) knocked pit, a smell of urine, simple and kind-hearted mother to clean the cub sleep at night when sleep has been designed nest cub but he kept to his father in bed rub, so love the clean father scared a night did not rest well, always thought holding feces in bed, laughing and ruin my brother.Authority of the father’s house of the Lord just when the cat sleeping a little bit lost. Cats especially fierce in the fight, back hair upside down, like most of the wild boar being provocative, sharp cry as if to tear everything, shamelessly skin a child, my grandmother always said the cat eat you anyway child, but also learn to cat fight sounds when I heard the news will obey.But the cat just outside talent that will be issued sharp sound, sleeping people are awakened prank always temper it, but cats are not at home, no matter how you take liberties with sleeping cub, it never angry, total We can live in peace with their families, so I can not help but lament the cat’s unfathomable wisdom. At the moment the cub being curled up sleeping on my side, tail sweep or two from time to time, like most of a talking yellow small conch, my government body under the ear to the cub soft belly, conch came coast rustle of response, I looked at the blue sky, as if the whole universe and delicate old cub with a gentle breath goes forward.