Catcher sketch

Sitting on green wheat fields, wild winds blowing.    Entered May weather has begun to have summer-like sunshine.Large tracts of grassland under the warm sun burned at the scene.The wind blows over, gray and black roots and leaves tumbling out in Ariel.    In front of, the endless green.    Wet soil wheat on the ground of glowing color, is irrigated wheat fields near.Covered with dark brown dark rift on land.Like one open mouth, what you want craving.Among these in thin cracks, dolphin slender rhizomes erect Barley.    Wheat is actually a beautiful plant, although he did not Merlin, bamboo and chrysanthemum four gentlemen temperament and image.Nor vigorous beauty and romance.However, please listen to me..Because I am at the moment in wheat field.    This is the land under temperate monsoon climate.Mature wheat spring and autumn and to be subjected to four seasons, from the germination, the seedling, and then pumped to the weighty drum, color, mature.    In any environment, raw wheat is always very straight.He can because of drought and water shortage small in stature, the color yellow, malnutrition.But he never bent his body.A wheat stalk short of two or three sections, ranging from long to section sixty-seven.Each node are wrapped in thin and long leaves the barrel.Endings leaves the barrel will be launched flat leaf.If you accidentally touch the skin leaves, he is like a sharp blade cut open, like your cell.Thin bright red blood will slowly overflow wound.    Back densely distributed small leaves of white hair.Hand feels, feels Sese.Coushang nose light smell, touch of green grass, very fragrant, very refreshing.    Top straw growth of a large and long leaves, up slowly unfold from stem.Wheat hidden in the middle of this leaf, faintly revealing pointy head.He leaves against the side wall, the side exposed to the air.The green ears covered with long thin straight whiskers.Grain on development in these whiskers under the hull.    A burst of warm wind too, the wheat swaying in the wind, contented and happy.Wheat thrown gently in the wind.Green waves of grain from afar, like a green veil, that want to wind drifting blue sky.There are clouds accompanied.    Wheat crop year season, autumn sowing next summer will be able to harvest.He must go through a real winter.If there is a re-Snow, the coming year will certainly trillion out of a big harvest.    If you love plants, it must be great to know this extraordinary and wheat.Quiet dedication and selfless fruit under, which makes clear the value of his extraordinary life.Is not it kind of beauty?