Car speeding on the highway, the car window of endless wheat fields, presented in front of a piece of land, like the vast sea of green waves rolling in the sun.It reminds me of home Catcher. In the late autumn, tractors pulling a shiny obtained ploughshare cut through the earth, exposing fresh soil moist, rich soil diffuse the pure flavor.It took the iron rake soil preparation Zuoqi, with either a car then the wheat seed capsules spraying in the fields.Wheat sowing seed into the earth, as if into the mother’s arms.They quietly take root in the soil, rearing drilled the ground, exposing the pale green body.People stood on the ridge looking at them, like watching a group of children, they are looking forward to grow. Barley growing inch by inch the earth two hands with time lines they will become green blanket textile, covered with barren plains of the open tomb, decorated with trees Depression villages.A touch of the sun during the day like water like they bathed, they merrily dancing waist in the cold.To the night, the earth two hands and with frost texture classification translation quilt cover on them, let them sleep.For them, the sharp cold of well-being is a gift of nature, trained their strong strength of character, but also gave birth to their dream mature. Time crept walked spring.Spring wheat fields to instill strength.This time the wheat fields like a young spark, filled with exuberant vitality in the light of spring.Spring breeze blowing, surging waves of grain on the plain, like a bunch of kids running in the earth, call.Hard, work, with sweat watering the wheat field.It is quietly brewing fruit, full of hope in people’s hearts. Light to late spring, earth colors of two hands solar-plated with a layer of gold to Wheat.This time of wheat Tian Fengshuo beautiful, smiling people looking at the full heads.People after harvesting wheat, wheat will be put into the barn, as food for their families.Catcher, but also our mother, raising us.