Catfish and sugar burning fire

Separately, burning catfish is a famous dish, dessert is a sugar fire.Taken together, the both of which are halal, but also called a satellite city within Jingdong historic delicacies.  About 100 years ago, burning catfish dish they created a brand, in the past merchants came to the Tongzhou, mostly to the south-story hotel to enjoy a few mouthfuls long been known for burning catfish; live in the city of Tongzhou old people are often to the small building to the hotel dinner guests, a cup tray is kind to burn catfish.  Building structure do not have the characteristics of small building hotel, later burned because of catfish this famous dish and fame.When the sixties, Beiying Chang beat “spring wildfire fighting city” movie in Tongzhou city, they selected the hotel as a small building underground intelligence agents of the joint location.Eighties rebuilt, the hotel business area expanded, the appearance of a Muslim-style; by the famous calligrapher Ouyang Zhongshi wrote its name.Calligraphy Jin, attracted pedestrians stopped to admire, small building more restaurants add to the charm.  Burning catfish is famous, but also from the Grand Canal and more clear water fish.At the time North Canal Yang Liu Yiyi, fishing boats, such as weaving, fishing in troubled waters on both sides of the lot.Someone to touch within half a bucket of catfish, catfish each generally have multi-jin, Liangpie long beard, chasing its tail, the body has a thin layer of mucous membrane, lively Feishi, really cute.  Burning catfish famous, but also because their master Seiko secret agents.It is said that this craft was brought over from Qinghai, peeled and cut into segments to catfish, fried egg wrapped twice and then burned, served smell the smell, and taste outside and tender, eat every time, Keeping Thinking about it next time.Some people say: “Eat burn catfish, live up to Tongzhou, fragrance around three days, and then lead you back.”Catfish and small building burn food Shuangjue is saying Tongzhou Tongzhou Dashun fasting sugar fire.According to research, Dashun vegetarian snack shop was built in the Ming Dynasty, a gentleman named Liu Taishun teacher standing feet to set up factories in the city of Tongzhou shop, front shop, the facade is not due to adhere to the Seiko secret agents, to treat people quickly create the brand.  Dashun vegetarian pastries are very strict choice of materials, pay attention to everything, especially for the most burning sugar.Making use sesame oil and sugar burning surface, round after round process is complicated and almost free.Ingest, but not greasy oil, put a few months, will not degenerate.Among the Arab world in the pilgrimage to Mecca, a lot of people know that China’s sugar fire, only this food was able to endure high temperatures in desert areas, with me, not only to relieve their hunger and taste very good.  Today Dashun vegetarian has grown to two factories, selling products, in short supply.Fifteenth year, Dashun vegetarian Lantern also like fire, like sugar, in Beijing in the country to sell special fire.Recently Dashun vegetarian and a plant Plant Yuhua Food Factory Group formed a gold ring, reputation spread to Singapore, Belgium.Dashun fasting sugar fire started to get quality development, which is the pride of Tongzhou, it should also be a national model for many food manufacturers.  I, as a person Tongzhou, warm welcome gourmets all over the country a visit to Tongzhou, goods for burning catfish, try sugar fire.