Catkins fluttering

In mid-March, from everywhere melodious, that is the catkins, the flying catkins!    Catkins, ‘like flowers also like Blossoms’, very ethereal, soft.Warm Chunhui, the catkins slowly diffuse lengthy falling to the ground, soft breeze blowing, like snowflakes dancing with the wind; and if the hands of the artistic gymnastics girl waving Bailian, elegant and easy, gently ease.    Catkins, free floating, a thin layer of the ground plot Yun, like tiling a white veil, like a late autumn Qingshuang, deemed on the stage?A HREF = “HTTP: // sanwenzx.COM / plus / Search.PHP?kwtype = 0 & keyword = +% C1% F4 ‘target = “_ blank’> kill H reluctant mother ship’s long jump roundworm hundred  Bei Lei  pinion  Nona Da Ying Huang Pan  thumb τ taste   Zi е Dinaihuantan?A HREF = “HTTP: // sanwenzx.COM / plus / Search.PHP?kwtype = 0 & keyword = +% D7% D4 ‘target = “_ blank”> free, lightly touching the weight lift and a sub catkins a white fleece, wrapped seeds.Seed care of loved round, sweet sleep, quietly exhibited the influence of the product, waiting for a suitable home, go flying green hope.    The ancients see catkins falling, sadness, sorrow, regret a good season goes by.I said it should be appreciated the catkins, although ethereal, but carrying the green dream green hope, is the communicator life.    Catkins fly, I would like to make a magic catkins in spring sunshine, with a slight breeze, dancing between heaven and earth!