Part One: catkins blue sky, white clouds, slight breeze, the lake has set off bursts of waves, the lake is also a reflection of willow wind sway.  hiss.Yang has been a breeze, carrying the sky catkins dancing, slowly drifting into the distance, the sky leaving only their beautiful figure.This is not a purpose of the trip, depending on the outcome already know, they do not do any of stay.  Snow and ice have melted, autumn have never hit, sounded lunged fragrance of the soil, in this Sentimental season once again usher in the flying figure, soft posture along with dazzling brilliance in the sky Manwu.This is also the season of hope, full of hope that the wind drifting into the distance, beating that figure, gently tell the future, and the sky bursts of fragrance that left their traces in that bunch under the shining sun beams more dazzling, flawless seem so holy, that bundles the sun as if from an ancient heritage from their bodies emit, it was a banquet of life.The roadside willow harmonized with the breeze gently fluttering, like to retain, like fear, like a blessing, as if to tell these catkins sky.  Only left the greenhouse flowers can grow faster, only themselves to experience to experience in order to make life stronger, more perfect.In every breeze blowing that have left a beautiful figure is no longer flying, they have gone with the wind, weak life is about to become strong.Fly in the unknown future everything is so fresh, with a curiosity about the unknown world on a journey, they will face an unknown situation, unknown landscape, but also the challenges facing the unknown world tune out.    Part II: riverside catkins Three years ago, is graduation season, the river, we talk shallow.Sentimental like that, and now want to come adorable.  After just three years, we no longer meet, for fear that recall the good times past, to do with the love affair that period, only time friendship.  I remember three years ago, we were together to bid farewell to our dear classmates, his voice and facial expression I can not afford to have memory.Now only remember his life to stay in the best years.Teenagers, the good old days there are a lot of waiting for him, but he has gone.If I did not know if.But I prefer to believe that if he is still alive, then he should also enjoy the beautiful June graduation season right.That one thousand paper cranes, with the water flows east, along the Jialing River, floats do not know where to go?  Sadness is only temporary, for three years, and there are good memories.Just three years ago we thought there was a little sad.Graduation season, the flood side, a photo is recorded that a Sentimental years.Remember when we made the willow hat on his head, one by one is very good looking.To be honest, I have not seen catkins, but I think it can be a good expression of mind.Catkins, from the people, grief.  Days before, we have to look forward, is not it?Remember the radio often put the song “beautiful sun” Why, the most beautiful sun, yes, we are still young, like the newborn sun.We would also like to burn a little bit of our energy, even to the half of the evening, but also become a gorgeous sunset.  Three years, I was asked constantly dream.To be honest, I really do not know what my dream is.I just know that life is like a tree, or to be more grown up.I do not know the dream alive, you say is not quite sad.Nightlife net that night, the teacher told us that our body is not only our own dreams.Red eyes teacher told us: Since he could no longer live, we should live well for him.Yes ah, to live well, if you’re reading this article, you mark my words, we must live well.  How long has it been so sad, I can not remember the.Sometimes I feel life is bitter, but always carries the hope.How many times want to give up, but in real life has taught me strong.Slowly, not sad for no reason, no longer complaining only themselves to fight for what you want.Multi funny, soon lost himself in desire.It seems to reflect the timing is still necessary, is no longer sad, this is the premise.  I write so much, and I feel suddenly like.Riverside catkins, it has become in the past, do not bother to bear in mind, as long as the deepest slowly nostalgia in my heart, like taste.    Part III: See also catkins fluttering season always kept the turnover.Catkins fluttering season, spring footsteps fading away, and summer fun like an angel of light and come to our side.Most are in this season, and that the sky flying catkins, wind Flurry, sometimes stuck on your clothes, and sometimes got into your nostrils, people sneeze Renjunbuzhu.That soft white goose feather Huangyou fall into my palm, the wind gently blowing and drift away.Piaoxu looked at the sky, threw the freedom of flying, I feel like this also catkins, light and cheerful floating in the willow years ago with you.You, a simple, beautiful, happy girl, and I always like tired together.It is also a fluttering catkins day, you looked at the sky Piaoxu his chin, faint said to me: Jingyi, two if I like this beautiful catkins nice ah, free of want to go on where migrating to go, but, no matter where you are migrating have to remember to bring my ah.”Yes, ah, we can go where floats?I can go where migrating.I’m just a person like a dream, that dream though I was very far away, even ethereal, but I still insist on pursuing the dream.You and I can do together side by side to pursue this dream?You look at my palm soft catkins and smiled, as long as you place there will accompany me.They both laughed, laughter long floating in the blue sky.  Like fluttering catkins of the season, I was again laid hold of your shadow, the pure, simple, and I love watching you smile, whether in the sun and the moon trivial tumultuous years, has changed its appearance?That has aroused woman of you still remember us in the beautiful clear skies, light chasing traces of this rootless catkins?  Now I am independent willow shore, stroking him fall Piaoxu, like a dream, but it is not the same feeling, that once frivolous, smug me, years of relentless baptism, rubbed off the edges and corners, in a calm and tranquil life, try another had a different life.And you, have simple, happy, with no distractions, pretty considerate woman, now had what kind of life is it?  Several years later, you see catkins fluttering, I still miss the good times with you, that is what a memorable time ah, you and I Without envy, pure interdependence with friendly.This is pure friendship as Fei Xu, carefree stroll in between heaven and earth.Dear friends, as fleeting passage of time many years from the fingers, are you okay away from home?    Part Four: catkins sky walking on the road, head of catkins people can not open their eyes, windy, light catkins sky dance, sometimes rising, sometimes falling, sometimes spinning round and round children’s fears that falling on people’s face , shoulders, hair, and finally disappeared in the wind, buried in the dust.  It looked catkins Durian, the whole world suddenly feel very light, very small, as if filled in his body, blood, bone marrow, blood vessels strong impact every inch, every ganglion, suddenly felt unable to let quiet yourself down, kind of feels like being expanded this white catkins filled pillows, looks like frog legs up, big white belly funny and ridiculous, but a hand gently touched, suddenly like a deflated a gas balloon, shriveled and weak, some people can not help but pity.No matter how the struggle, are a pair of invisible hands are tied, so that my body looks freedom, in fact, the heavy shackles firmly locked.I can walk, you can pick, but only in a space defined, you can guess it is, but in the dark void, the see bright light.It looks like a solid body as a fact already inherent corrosion shiny dry shell.Or when the decorative surface veneer, contrary to the exhaustion of sincere heart to regular makeup to look, people seem they are happy, beautiful, free.In fact, sometimes quite nasty catkins, because often flew into my eyes, tears Dounong that does not come out at this time will whisper in my heart damn catkins when to stop.Tears kept flowing, my heart was like a bet morning and evening peak highway, packed; my heart is lonely if kept grass swaying in the wind, silent and helpless; heart panic as night stop save moving candlelight, the fear of loss, sometimes very eager mind around form a protective film, not hurt, can not afford to take. Small wind slowly catkins still flying, floating, rain dough, only a small catkins choice, find their own place to return, perhaps there will be a variety of complex emotions and struggle every minute, but because the mission choose not to stay, so she can only choose to make their presence constantly advance forward or fall into the soil, so sometimes hate is actually the bottom of my heart love, envy, pity, it seems like a small cotton elves, people feel strongly that their clever, tenacious, persistent, little body might not fancy yourself a spare some time has elapsed in the wind, the dust, with no regrets, to their destination, watching all of this at any time are likely to drift elves disappeared, inevitably some sadness, but more relieved, because since their remaining life, then there will be dead, maybe something life is short, but experienced their brilliant does not regret, it regrets the long and short; maybe some very long life, but never find the true self, living in a world of pain hopeless confusion, then such a life course no Torture and pointless, perhaps to death is a wandering soul, because there is no where to find their place of belonging.  Always hear a lot of notes about life, and sometimes feel that they are understood, wanted to understand their own outline of a picture, to see if nothing is very clear; sometimes confused very bad, because forgot they come , will be where to go, kind of helpless feeling anxious always strikes their brain, body and mind, so the previously sketched picture will gradually blurred or even disappear.I am tired of limp down, all of a sudden a cute elf catkins fell on my palm, stay briefly before falling to the wind in the grass around and could not find her figure.The elf gave life to do two this selection, once, twice.Yes ah, life is not a straight line in the sky, the way is full of crossroads, fork in the road, muddy mountain road, narrow loess, so every time when faced with these at any time lose your place, would EYE, will be a loss, will fear.By the way, in front of the wide flat road; continue to face perhaps the wrong choice.But no matter right or wrong, then maybe we do not judge the ability of inner agony that no one can understand, like catkins landing that feeling of the moment, is happy or sad; no regrets, or nostalgia is not willing, perhaps the end of life the moment only get their own experience.Fuzzy boundaries or some good, too clear but more likely to lose yourself.  Perhaps the emotion of seeing things will not help think of myself, I call this emotional sustenance is called the alternative package, do not want to give their own definition of what the text under this package include their own inner feelings so I hope to send , a place far, far away, not the kind of address can be sent where, and then a little-known corner, floor, installation.  Well, it is sunny.Catkins still sky.    Part Five: See also the catkins swirling perhaps this winter when waiting a long time point, had a mild heart can no longer tolerate this endless cold wind swept through unscrupulous.The body of the jacket is still my most solid backing, she was like a knife, a sword, a halberd, share cold, storms, thunder scene is still vivid in my mind.  Garden are all bare twigs Qiu dry mud of breath from time to time will emit lives lost taste.”Fallen flowers are not heartless things, into Enriching the soil more quadrangle” Maybe it’s fate now come to the end of life?Fortunately, Han Xue’s no harm, only that kind of overwhelming wind is enough to make life somewhat afraid of everything.”Winter near (to do), can spring be far behind.?”Everything in life cycle of craving spring.  ”Dongfeng hated mad year, snow leaves are calling your mother, I do not know the wind line track, of leaves scattered empty desolate.”Child of the wind is so hated creatures make, but we are, everything is back intact, but there is so little of the cold weather outside.The return of spring, spring, spring, Chunxindangyang, recovery of all things, a vibrant scene.  Spring, cute kittens have to have lost its patience howling few times to show the existence of life is precious.Perhaps, Liu is the most loving tenderness fairy, although she was not as clear to others how they have flowers like beauty.  Slender twigs is so charming charming, thin leaf is like that of perfect, and even show his form is like that of the ordinary.Bai Xu patches of light and clear, bold wind, the spring of hope Sabian can reach any place.Easily pulling down from the sky a group, good soft good warm, good cool, thin nose to smell can smell the breath of fresh flavor, the flavor release is life.  Perhaps walking in the huge campus, only the most natural floating catkins.People are busy, or the sound of string and wind ear disorder, the case of slips or busy with books, no one will care catkins falling, although the air will sometimes mixed with fresh winds blowing warm air.After all, the starting point of university life is to learn, but also to learn the end, everything just to live a good life after.  ”Health is easy, living is easy, ‘life’ word is not easy!”Life may be the home of their job, but this is so boring and it looks that way.His perfect life in the future will not be so boring it would only?”Catkins fly for whom dance?Tired bitter sad only for mad!”More and more warm weather season is inevitable thirst, ice cream is a great choice for your dream, but you will feel after eating taste good, and even a kind of irresistible temptation in my mind, then come back one is inevitable, but it does not solve the problem of thirst, but feel more thirsty, in fact, all you need is a glass of plain water.Chasing hard after all, is the heart of nature bound to live with the temptation of the outside world.  ”Willows knows the time, Yang Xu how resistant the world silence, collections of wind are scattered, the cross-Chuijin Bai Xu and Liu!”Weeping willow like a soft slender beauties, poplar is so strong perseverance of a real man, nei.’Willow’ is a word perhaps from this time began to be lumped together with the right people?  Yang Xu initially wrapped the outside layer and green shell, but soon after, with the outer layer being stepped on that person or crack and wither white Yang Xu began flapping in the wind.This time, inadvertently passing from the trees, feel the dew drops falling down from the foliage, and perhaps this is the mother of a child regret and difficult to abandon it?But in the end still have to separate!  The weeping willow is not so sentimental, which is still its own way as before.With three thousand Egeria cleared, only for the moment exclusive music.The most important thing is not life thinking about how to be happy, but happiness can be found in any scene.Emotions often there may be times when an extremely large.”Not pleased, not to have compassion,” the state who can be reached, perhaps the essence of life is change the law to create happiness in the growing.