Atletico front of God the world!August 20 large Marksman

Atletico iron, water the front of God。 Wanda Metrodome on the outside of the "Legend of the Road", the monuments of great memories of Atletico Madrid recorded their legend, one of the most dazzling to the front of God who belongs to Atletico Madrid。
From the beginning of the last century, Atletico Madrid emerged one after another world-class front of God, their very different styles, when they played for the team of state are not the same, but the room wearing a red and white striped shirt running in their Calderon , to bed sheets Legion left special memories。 Atletico career: played 34, scoring 29 August 1997, Vieri for $ 16.5 million worth move from Juventus to Atletico Madrid, while Atletico spent only one season, but this season not say that is not Vieri's career highlights。
24 goals in 24 games, scoring efficiency terror League ball field uniform so that he won that year's La Liga Golden Boot。 In the European Cup stadium, Vieri played 14 times and scored five goals to help the team into the medal semifinals。 Where zero angle shot in the foot in an absolute sense called miracle。 Atletico was chaos, lack of midfield support, Vieri depends almost single-handedly, with a strong body, a huge impact and accurate shooting to score, almost no short-board。 After the 1998 World Cup, Vieri to 27.5 million worth move "Blue Eagle" Lazio。
[Cannon] Hasselbaink Atletico Career: 43 appearances, scoring 331999-2000 season, Ranieri in command Legion sheets, while he coached Atletico's first decision is to introduce Dutchman Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink。 Fitness class, excellent shooting, it was his scoring range within 20 meters of the goal。 He shot the ball extremely fast, at the time the world football there is almost no solution。
Atletico Hasselbaink ushered in the peak of his career, played 34 times and scored 24 goals and won the Golden Boot as La Liga season。
Atletico were relegated after the end of the season, this season, Atletico Hasselbaink is the only good memories。 Hasselbaink also because of his outstanding performance move to Chelsea, and became the Premier League top scorer。 El Nino Torres Atletico] [career: played 244 + 148 91 + 35 goals from Atletico Madrid youth academy, Torres is undoubtedly the most pure blood Atletico Madrid striker。
17 years and 68 days in the Torres wearing red and white striped shirt, a representative of Atletico Madrid played the youngest player, 19-year-old Torres 2003-24 season wear the captain's armband Atletico Madrid, Atletico Madrid became the best team in the history the young captain, carrying the hopes of the revival of Atletico Madrid。
England home stadium of Atletico Madrid and Torres is probably the best choice。 Torres peak can beat any defender in the top one on one contest, even by today's standard all-around center to look at the killer, comprehensiveness and fulcrum of its peak capacity of individuals can not be questioned。
2014 winter, Torres home, though not the year to which the fluttering blond boy, but he is still the darling of Calderon。
[KUN] God Aguero Atletico Career: 101 goals in 234 appearances 2006, Aguero transfer fee of 23 million euros referred to the history of Atletico Madrid team standard king, and put on jersey No. 10 on behalf of the core team。
In the second season to join Atletico, Aguero celebrates its outbreak, with 19 goals ranked third in La Liga scoring charts。 2010 UEFA Super Cup, Aguero with a wonderful pass for a shot, Atletico grabbed from the hands of the European Super Cup treble of Inter Milan。 Atletico period he showed his excellent dribbling and ball sense, and the ability to grasp the opportunity。 Unfortunately, Aguero and Atletico Madrid failed to leave with dignity, stop training even want to join city rivals Atletico fans spend his feelings。
The final Aguero move to Manchester City。
[Fran] Atletico career killer: 196 appearances scoring 962 007 years to join Atletico, with Aguero composed Gemini South America in the Primera Liga invincible。
2008-09 season, Frank Rock scored 32 goals in the league, not only harvest the Spanish Golden Boot, also won the European Golden Boot when the season。
2010 European Cup finals scored twice as Atletico Madrid won the first European Cup title。
Fran without the ball is Atletico's holy grail, while excellent Qiangdian and his heading ability, and good shot from outside the area broke。
In 2011, Frank joined Inter Milan, although there is no continuation of La Liga glory in the Apennine stadium Fran, but he has been deeply branded Atletico front of God imprint。 [Tiger] Falcao Atletico career: 71 goals in 91 appearances after Frank and Aguero have left Atletico to add much-needed offense。
Therefore, although at the cost of 40 million euros, or Atletico Falcao's Choice Awards brought Calderon。 Not only spoils in the Primera Liga, Falcao is the 2012 European Cup scorer to help Atletico Madrid won the European Champions Cup。
In the next European Super Cup, the Blues against Chelsea, Falcao and even three goals in the first half hat-trick to complete a lead。 Falcao left foot balanced, explosive excellent。
Bouncing amazing, is heading scoring tool。 Volley, arc, lob, Tui, volley, fire, score means rich and diverse。 2013 Falcao choose to leave Atletico Madrid, Monaco move。 [Tough guy] Costa Atletico career: played 71 + 135 + 16 + 64 + 14 goals in 62007 to 3.5 million euros to join Atletico, Costa in the first few seasons is not subject to attach importance to the team, one after another appearance and rent, Costa did not really find their own style of play。
In tune Simeone, Costa finally started to show the magic of God feng processing plant。
From 10 onwards Costa began to gain a firm foothold in the Atletico Madrid striker talent, have their own unique position。 2013–14 years is to become Atletico Costa footnote front of God。
Single-season league goals to reach 27, to help Atletico Madrid return to La Liga throne。 Costa move to Chelsea last season ended, and known as the Blues number one contributor to the Premier League summit。
But then because of the rift between the coach Conti, Costa at the cost of half of the season can not race back to Atletico Madrid。
Return to Atletico, he not only can score goals, the more his teammates to create more space, he had to join Atletico, scoring half of the season than the number has significantly increased。 Costa extraordinary physical fitness, good raw opponents in the attack, while at the foot of technical detail, is a hitman。
[Atletico] Little Prince Gelieziman career: 198 goals 106 appearances for Real Sociedad came from the youth academy Gelieziman into view Atletico Madrid in 2014, losing Costa Atletico Madrid ushered in a new patron saint Gelieziman。 First season harvest 22 league goals the following season also more than 20 league goals in pursuing a nil doctrine of Atletico Madrid is rare。
In the 16 years of the European Cup Gelieziman shine become the European Cup top scorer, Messi became?Autumn third prize other than the Luo people。 Although liquidated damages reach 100 million euros, it remained the primary objective of the major giants signings。
Gelieziman previous generations Atletico front of God very different technical characteristics, physical fitness is not good, he with a good foot of technology and awareness, throw off opponents through the center of gravity changes, the world football striker is the most efficient one。
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