Cats edge

Mimi came into my life, in fact, it is to fill that gap in my life.Mimi is a little white cat, female.Women live to this age, a child full-fledged flying out of the nest.Even children at home, do not like innocent girl.Woman heart empty, if not enough time to enjoy the rare children grow up, and the woman’s maternal love just in time to redouble their inflated.Mimi the right time to come.She Five, six months old, looks thin and small, dirty.White hair looks like gray, is paralyzed below the waist of.She dragged the body to the ground with both front paws climb.She was in the way I walk, “Mom yo, yo mama” gave me a call, hoarse, watery eyes staring into my eyes.Cat cry.I know that day will be sad cat is crying.Her tears streaming down her cheeks, her little face get dirty.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) I can not listen to that, “Mom yo yo mama” cries.Downstairs neighbor had a baby, middle of the night often heard the child crying.I often could not bear to sleep.The baby cries tugging at my heart.That’s helpless cry which.And Mimi just stared at me cry.She is a child a child, born of a cat.Her mother did not care at the moment, she was so helpless.She must be human remnant.Waist and legs still bloodstains, a touch she would shiver.She is a life, weak life.She has a right to live.To whom she claims her rights it?Who can understand her cry it?She “yo mama yo mama” to cry in front of me.She is still so rare human trust.Although her eyes are fear and doubt.I am a mother, I am a human.Mother to child care, the protection of human life, the right to life.I gently hold her back home.She wearily leaning on my arm, and occasionally look at me, calls out “Mom yo”.Bath, hair, old clothes to find her to be torn down trousers, toilet paper mat on the inside, then put plastic sheeting separated toilet paper and trousers.Every day her diaper, wash the ass.Her nest is a cardboard box, which put two small pad.Above to give her a new cover made of soft small quilt.Cold weather, the night before filling a hot water bottle, placed between two small pads lie on top of her warm honking.Carton box placed on jobs, time to feed her to drink water every day.I like cats.From childhood until now kept a lot of cats.The first raised only a small black cat after I went to college in the neighborhood of the fire wall heating was burnt to death.It makes me sad for many years.Tiger cat from a friend to a very beautiful!Out on my own to find lost objects.A small yellow cat, raised from small to large, raised too fat, meat stolen by a wicked.Cats grow too hurt the heart.Everyone has their own story, the fate of each cat is also different.A child, a neighbor’s cat eating the New Year because the fish was beaten half to death.Fish cat food, ah, it is merely doing their instincts.When I was young cats, though not beaten, but it is not fish, cornmeal pancake will be able to make ends meet.Tigers bird beautiful cat, when took over from the hands of friends, friends repeatedly asked, this cat lives bitter, from small mom died, goat’s milk is used to feed a large, easy to survive, it must be a good way.After the Tigers lost cat, for a long time I did not dare tell a friend.I had a cat would pay special attention to the fate of cats and cat.See the cat on the road, always I want to touch something called around and want to see it from the eyes of its destiny.But the cat is capricious and reserved.You want to intercept an outside running wild cats it is a dream.One of the reasons this is what I like cats.It is somewhat rebellious, not easily trampled Xia Wan.But once the cat finds you, it will be your intimate love, did all the little children of state in front of you, beg for your love and affection, as you caress.A little unhappy, but also make little temper, leaving a channel with minions scar in your hand.There are cats addiction.I made addiction of life time and settled in.Pet market in the cat, I have all phases, want to raise their children brought home when.Can not let her husband.He was afraid kitten sharp little claws scratching his bad leather sofas and furniture.Mimi encounter, hold her home, her husband also mean.First, it is pathetic to see her, and second, Mimi paralyzed, can not climb up on the sofa random scratch.I did not get close to the beginning of Mimi.She just eat and drink every day, shit pee.I also said to her: I am not like you just because you raise, I pity you, ah, Mimi.Mimi is very smart, very clever, she soon learned she called Mimi, she knew no one pet.She is very honest, do not scratch furniture sofa, not a nuisance.Fed on the rattling bed, pull the urine hungry “yo mama yo mama” to call you.Every night watching TV, I sat on the couch, put her on his lap Mimi massage.She quietly enjoying.Then I discovered Mimi’s eyes joy instead of sorrow.A month later, Mimi stood up and walk, I was shocked, cats have nine lives, not fake, paralysis Cats can actually run and jump!This time, the whole furniture sofa bed linen curtains luck.She can hang on the curtain up the window and looked out, scratch out a white sofa a trace.Dinner, she will follow the legs of a man climb the table, the dishes one by one inspection lot.”Look at your cat girl, into what used to eat your bowl of rice it.”I rushed to call her husband.”Eat to eat, who eat not eat.”Dinner at the table, drill bed to sleep, this is the day Mimi trick.Kitten spoiled.Chewed flowers, torn books, glassware broken in pieces, and you say to her, she would “yo mama yo mama” to go a lap you rely on, to your arms a drill, rub your head with a small, man ah thought: something is something, after all, it is a little child kitten.Mimi put on weight, I have grown up.She began a Jiaochun.Sweet sounds summoned a big cat, living under the first floor balcony, do not go.No way, I began to support her lover Mimi.It meal and bottled water every day.I do not know I will not fall in love with Mimi will be as big as the cat fell in love with it at some time in the future to support.But I think I have food to eat to make it.I felt human compassion.As it is willing to live freely, is the day to do a bed, I’ll it be, like the modesty of my day and Mimi walked proudly in the living room, living prettily bourgeois life.