78-year-old bride when she finally got happy

In this world of love, or each other, work together ordinary his home; or in the political arena, each of the marriage; or memorable sea, the exhaustion of a lifetime to wait.To love, how long you’ll wait?One, two, three years because of love wait, do not ask fleeting evanescent water, do not destroy the roots of sad years, quiet look at the lack of full moon, the flowers bloom, waiting only for the share of share of Coast to Coast Love.A man quietly waiting for the other person’s love, silk deep bitterness, but also a kind of a different kind of romance.She is the niece of the late Qing Dynasty minister of state Li, the Republic of China Zhang Ailing talented woman’s aunt Zhang Maoyuan, her elegant and noble, independent straightforward, dedicated to doing what they love to do, love your favorite loved one.Accidentally fate, so she just fell in love with miss.Her anger is not sad in the long years, had their own day.78 years old, she finally married his care 52 years of love, even if not much time, but also happiness in hand, until the end of his life.1 before she could hand, Hsi has already missed poet once wrote fondly: How I met you in my most beautiful moment.I have prayed for this for five hundred years before the Buddha and begged him to let us knot a carnal.Buddha made me into a tree, you must pass through a long street, the sun carefully covered with flowers blossoming all my previous hope world’s most beautiful encounter, in the most beautiful love, met the man you love.In mid-1925, rumbling ship black smoke, in an oasis in a sea of sailing, gulls Cheung blue sky, the sea breeze slowly.Very beautiful view of a sea view, but she did not enjoy it, already dizzy pitch darkness, leaning against the side of the boat vomited find any.Unexpectedly, he came, carefully handed towels and hot water, chat with her.She had some uncomfortable a little embarrassed, but under his tender care, the people are a lot easier.His name is Li opened the first, had just graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University, motor, get the publicly funded places for study in the UK, when it is high-spirited.He had seen her on board for her elegant calm temperament attracted.First trip to a foreign country, the long journey, loneliness and loss is inevitable that some people.Just adapt to life at sea, she had to miss home, there is the unknown confusion, and somewhat depressed.He fell quite clear, the coat draped over her shoulders, Standing against the Wind, English read aloud from Byron’s poetry.Sunset, the sea sparkling, his long body Yuli, personable.Since then, she firmly remember the figure, a record is a lifetime.If you follow the development of opera, they will know each other fall in love, have a good marriage.However, the reality is more complex feelings sometimes.A few years later, he held a grand wedding, she is not the bride, but a bridesmaid.2 She is willing to witness his happiness, had no regrets, Lee had been the first fiancee, is home to arrange the Minhang rich girl Xiayu Zhi, and other students who come back as soon as he married.This is quite divine, but had not yet begun deep in my heart.Zhang Maoyuan fell in love with him, but do not say, only suppress calmly, quietly, and he kept his distance, but the vision has never been away from him.In fact, that time is a popular free love, marriage autonomy, before a lot of new young people have fled the war after marriage parents fear arrangements, he could have emulated.However, he really cares about is her origin, she is the granddaughter Li, Li was signed the “Treaty of Shimonoseki,” the traitor.He has to have the slightest involvement with the traitor.Because she can not change the background, he sentenced her to death.During the study, even though often heard her name, he no longer has the initiative to the intersection with her.Until the end of 1927, they have returned to the motherland, was re intercourse in the friend introduced.In mid-1932, Lee opened the first to be married and his fiancee, her calm and indifferent, no resentment, no Chi Chan, a person relaxed and guarded the love hearts, only said to him: this life you can not wait, I wait for the next life.She decent and generous manner when the bride’s maid of honor to witness their happiness.Do not a lover, just be friends.There are some things, missed is missed, do not forget forced to forget, everything comes naturally.She properly appropriateness posts of friends standing position, cold indifferent with people, guarding Acacia lonely, but also enjoy a person’s happiness chic.3 In the 52 years of waiting, she was lonely Eileen Chang finer things in life, if not, perhaps they will not walk into each other’s lives, right.In 1939, 18-year-old Eileen Chang account of the war unable to study in the UK, had to go to Hong Kong.Zhang Maoyuan had to be entrusted to Eileen Chang Lee of serving in Hong Kong, let him do guardian.Perhaps out of guilt feelings for Zhang Maoyuan, he was like a father generally take care of Eileen Chang, personally pick, call Eileen Chang became a lifetime UncleK.d.Until the outbreak of the Pacific War, the fall of Hong Kong, he will be a friend of Zhang Ailing entrusted to take care of, take refuge with his family in Chongqing.She does, continue to live a quiet life of freedom, little interaction with outsiders.Because the two brothers teamed up to take over the legacy left behind by parents, but she ate a lawsuit nausea loss, so she took off the hit heritage, and relatives rarely travel.Live to be thirty or forty years, she continues to maintain I’m single, I’m happy the way, not rash, calm and quiet, do what the.She fought off the estate to invest in, and failed.She is not upset, from ladylike transforming itself into a workplace of people, straight to work.First in a UK-based firm to do the accounting, she dressed in a neat suit every day, climbing feet with shoes, Fu folder briefcase, and out of the bank lobby, the futures market, to earn a decent-paying fine.Soon, she was tired of the job, turn to a German radio station announcer to do the work for half an hour every day, tens of thousands of monthly salary.Eileen Chang recalled that her aunt had proudly said: aunt talk about everyday boring, then you can earn a monthly salary of tens of thousands, you also spoke boring day by yourself, but do not earn a penny.Later, she was tired, with a proficiency in English, then switched to Shanghai’s most famous big bright theater translator, was called Miss tone translating meaning.When showing foreign films at the cinema, she will be in real time movie roles to say simultaneous translation into Chinese, full of feelings transmitted to the audience.General Manager bright theater valued her extraordinary talent, she was hired as a confidential secretary, one to do that ten years.Well-born, noble, slim, white skin, she quite oriental antiques in the crowd is a striking, plus she grew better educated, to learn new science, but also abroad, proficient in English, knowledge extensive, is not an ordinary woman from comparable.Can men in general did not dare to marry her this woman.There are also rich kids enthusiastic pursuit of her, but she refused to take it lightly, but also wisely reminds Eileen Chang: these men just outside your attention to something, they just sperm activity, will eventually leave you.So, usually she does not love external things pompous, sold all the jewelry, decorative things and even do not like, light and truly doing their own.When the 478-year-old bride, she reportedly happy until finally, in Zhang Maoyuan child, fortune teller said she was late marriage life.No one can think of, she turned out to be as late as 78 years old to get married.In mid-1945, the end of the Sino-Japanese War, Lee first returned to Shanghai from Chongqing, they once again have the intersection, start from the frequent, Lee often the first to take her out to dinner and Eileen Chang, drinking coffee.Lee’s wife Xia Yuzhi first knew her feelings for Lee to open the first, not only complain, but very understanding, and she became good friends, more tolerant of their friends, friendship Lianrenweiman.In mid-1965, Xia Yuzhi was seriously ill in hospital, Lee and she turns to take care of a few months, around the clock.Before dying, Xiayu Zhi took her hand, say the secret hidden heart: I know you and fall in love is to open the first of a pair when he was biased against your background, your personality do not quite understand, he is a yokel, categorically rejected your first love, and I love and hastily married.Really, I had a little too know, you put your love hidden deep inside, I did not notice it out.Waiting for him to know you as a person personality, you understand gritty affair after that I was pregnant, and he no longer be separated.The first open anguish, remorse, too, had remorse, but everything is late Xiayu Zhi dragging last breath, hoping Zhang Maoyuan and Lee first married, no regrets.However, shortly after the death of Xiayu Zhi, Li opened the first to suffer life’s most difficult moments, he had their homes searched, was denounced, was put infamy rubbish every day, her daughter was distributed to Guangzhou, the son committed suicide in despair, friends and family all Ziwei, shunned.Her situation is not much better, home ransacked several times, also placed in the toilet cleaning.But she had seen through the inconstancy of sudden doom adapt quickly.She worried about him, in spite of gossip, but also to see him, give him comfort and help in a timely manner, to help him work, he consoled bearish look on.Two twilight of old age, support each other, help each other, there was also survived that decade.In mid-1979, the first Lee finally vindicated.She wrote to him: No I do not want to wait, I’m afraid time will not wait for me.He replied that although he had run away, but their hearts never left.Two nearly 80 years old, and finally we love each other and enter the marriage hall.As far away as the United States Ailing been good news, I could not help tears, remembering my aunt once told her: aunt will get married, even 80-year-old will marry.Love, always make life difficult for a woman Kaner.Intelligent as she is also a person keep his life, even to older white hair brown, but also become husband and wife and loved ones.This 52-year wait is worth it?Worth, only the parties know.Or Eileen Chang said it well: among the thousands of people, meet the people you want to meet.In thousands of years, the time is long wilderness, neither earlier nor come up, they encountered only gently say: you are here it?In life, if it is with this encounter, probably really it is the edge of the.At the right time to meet the person, it is too difficult.If we can have a true love, waiting for him for 52 years, so what?As long as you identify that person, do not regret it like.What’s more, she did not suffer Baba Shadeng, she is in accordance with their own will live well, do not drift along in flashy troubled times, not from the vulgar, enjoy the show themselves, to please themselves, love themselves, follow their traction fate, with the most look good and enjoy life.This woman, even if the final did not marry first love, also live this life!