What pregnant women should eat indigestion?

After pregnancy, due to some changes in the body, so that pregnant women often produce loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms of indigestion。 This is because the increase in progestin hormone content in pregnant women, due to the action of progesterone, decreased gastric motility, gastric acid secretion reduction, coupled with gradually increased uterine pressure parenteral, digestive activity hampered。
Indigestion pregnant women due to pregnancy produced, generally do not need medication, as long as reasonable allocation of food, so that it can be improved to varying degrees。 Loss of appetite frequent meals, choose what they like, eat light, easily digestible foods such as porridge, milk, and fruit。 Eat less sweets and greasy non-digestible food Hunxing。 To be improved appetite, increase the protein-rich foods such as meat, fish and soy products, etc.。 In addition, pregnant women should maintain a good mood, to avoid unpleasant things happen, because any negative stimulus spirit, will lead to indigestion。 Pregnant women listen to music or watch the best artwork to make themselves feel happy。 To increase appetite, pregnant women maintain an appropriate activity is essential for a walk every day, and do whatever work housework, not only to improve digestion, but also conducive to the baby's growth and development。