What constellation is July 16

July 16 is Cancer. Cancer, Aquarius and Guarding Star are the moon and are located in the fourth sign of the zodiac.. East of Gemini, West of Leo. Hera is the patron saint, which makes Cancer attach great importance to her family.. The guardian star is the moon, and the moon has its ups and downs. Their feelings are sincere, so inevitably, cancer crabs are a little sensitive and emotional.. Cancer is kind and gentle, and it is also a constellation with dazzling maternal light. They will have pity on the weak and have a comfortable feeling of a spring breeze stroking the face with cancer..   Cancer people are gentle, sincere, sensitive, insecure, and have a strong sense of self-protection. Therefore, they are also very slow-moving. This also shows that people attach great importance to their feelings. Once friends choose, they hope to live for a lifetime.. Cancer is usually loving and charitable.. They are very emotional and sometimes make people feel very Jabberwocky.. They are loyal to their friends and family. They attach great importance to the family and are the guardians of the family. They are full of gentle temperament.. Strong willpower, understanding and frugality. Cancer’s rich imagination comes from their love of watching TV plays, movies and novels, and they often put themselves into roles to experience the warm and cold mood of the characters. Even they often have a feeling of detachment from reality, because they will persistently turn their imagination into reality..   Cancer people tend to be very introverted and hide a lot of worries in their hearts. They don’t know how to share with others. Friends may think that crab crab doesn’t trust them enough and boyfriends may think that they are useless.. Cancer is mostly very For Old Times Sake, which can be found from their love of collecting old things. Der Var Engang seems to be always beautiful. Cancer will miss the past even more when faced with the blow of reality. Cancer is often addicted to it, lost in reality and has low pressure resistance.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.