At the moment she stood in front Classmates spread out, and suddenly the front look through hand.

  Cheng has been in the winter XIA away from the phone address book, occupied?Here’s a big row, the grandparents, parents, home phone number landline office phone, all he was the center can crown a name, emanates a network of relationships with him as to the origin.
  So he XIA away Classmates in high school, is the only exception.XIA did not take away the first letter ordering him to go to the column, but directly to that page on a winter journey across the first page of Classmates.
  Because other people are high school students, high school teacher, so in line with the sort of high school Classmates: large collective signature – Large graduation photo – Photo posted fragmented cut out – in alphabetical order one paper a comment.
  But Cheng Dong of XIA away, the high school students can not be defined, nor can even the students to define, he exists in XIA from memory since there is almost complete in life away, so this turn of Classmates first, neither the big graduation photo, not a big collective signature, but Cheng Dong message that page paper.
  Cheng Dong message paper also quite unique.He not only did not fill those basic information, there is no message below, both positive and negative on paper