The second rehearsal.

  Ze Yu Bo Dina and Donna appearance early in the morning came to the sea television households participate in rehearsal, to five o’clock in the afternoon before, the last time almost the end of the rehearsal, Bai Yalin and his team belatedly.
  Flapping in the wind of a large group of people, a flash poured in from the outside.
  Ze Yu Hai had to take over household TV New Year, when invited, yet Bai Yalin name on the list of guest performers, I heard Bai Yalin beginning to push the New Year’s Eve invitation TV households sea, so the sea TV households will in turn invite Yu Ze, they do not know how Bai Yalin later changed his mind and promised to attend the New Year’s Eve, families can go to sea two flow TV actor, of course overjoyed, readily agreed down.
  Plus two actor who indistinct scores over the years, the sea TV households for heat-Bo, this year’s New Year’s Eve poster made a double?Bits, and Yu Ze Bai Yalin back to back, took a two-fight King appearance.
  single?THE DUAL?Just as well, Yu Zegang just meteoric rise, a person occupying the central posters are very likely to be the star of the strength of the old school fans tear, plus a Bai Yalin, both looked away and share the war, Donna happy to see this to make.
  See Bai Yalin appeared, Yu Ze frowned, next to the stage to watch