Zhou Zhou’s eyes seemed to mouth some of the fear of color to style rune, he looked a little bit frightened Ann Wei Zhen hands of the rune-style, to stay next to Wu Tao, totally did not see the beginning of that DEATH devils intimidation of color, but just like ordinary children in general, will shrink his head in behind Wu Tao, like in a silent resistance.

Wu Tao looked worried him, facing Ann Zhen Wei asked: “Why is it so afraid of Zhou Zhou?”

An Wei Zhen did not look angry, but frankly explained: “Because this style rune, it will purify.”

“Purify?”Wu Tao slight frown,” it is the salvation?”

An Wei Zhen shook his head, “refining kid needs to be new born babies with extremely cruel way to slaughter, in order to stimulate the baby the most thorough of resentment and hatred, let them draw distractions between heaven and earth, full of resentment will be as they nutrients. in such cases, in order to develop a little devil.But after that, go on only one of the consequences of that bite.When everything has been little devil resentment for food, in the end it will turn into a killing weapon only know that they only had a heart the idea that he could see the ruin.Let the kid out of this