He must face the Green.

Jiang Chu hook lip and said: “If any master so much confidence, that I must continue to drag a couple of weeks, any master also possible, after all, the rich and powerful in any family, how could so concerned about the loss of a few days it?”
How could not care?!Any home business the already dying, want to rely on any master Chu Kang advantage of this street take it back to the blood, now that two thousand of silver have hit the inside, which was the last of his family property, ah!Jiang Chu Hao Zhao is now that mood, he Hao Zhao, a day that the loss of almost all day to let him broke our hearts!
“You, you, Hello great courage!What are you messing with me ah?Jiang Chu, you do not forget, I’m still behind the second son Chai backed, you want to live, so I dare tease?”Any master furious, directly to the wood-ho to move out.
Jiang Chu can hear the name, but it is not moving in the slightest, but greater lips smile: “Chai second son?Any master but also to bring this man is a little too naive.”
Any master Shen Jiang Chu is this strange feel uncomfortable laugh, Dengyuan his eyes: