Head, “Sleep.”

  Fu needy get the approval, the next second Su Yuan sank to sleep.
  The next day brought the matter of marriage to poor Fu, Su Yuan fool says she does not remember, Fu raw cold squeezed her nose, and said: “You do not remember, I do not mind letting you think of it.”When he finished, as if he was going to de-Su Yuan clothes.
  Su Yuan was shocked, busy over his neck, said: “I would also like filming.”
  ”That marriage thing -”
  Suyuan Li Ma said: “I think.”
  To think better of.
  Originally Su Yuan Fu with serious thought to poor marriage thing, the three-year period has been a year, plus Fu needy to her one-year period, at the latest three years, no accident, then she would be Mrs. Fu However, since the raw cold Fu see dark side, she was there apprehension, she did not know Fu needy privately what she also did not know something, she felt trapped, and this feeling of being bound let her a little breathless.
  Perhaps peace is breaking up with her best result to poor Fu.
  Fu raw cold aware of the subtle shift Su Yuan heart, he saw her flinch with hesitation, like a turtle to shrink his head with limbs in the shell, this situation is not what he would like to see, really, ah, Huo Zhihui that