Rumor, broke a number of marketing star Meng Han Shen is guide the students also graduated from the two year Bachu photo, this broke the scandal rumors.

  Before Beiming who also worried about filming the heat is not enough, Joe and want to convey Sheng Ming had sex scandal to the campaign, and later Joe Sheng serious denial, has been battered wanted a new topic, the results of which now need new topics, save games and Meng Xing Shen these two things the crew of topics and heat have brought up, his solution is simply a big concern.
  Sheng Joe is generally in the morning “is willing to chase” crew, here’s heavier scenes, sometimes too late to eat lunch, take a box lunch on the train, rush “East Wind Breaks” on the road two chops, change the mood in the car and status.
  After all, just finished the morning little monkey angry and said “empty Shizu is my idol, is the pride of the monkey, you dare look down on me stalwart empty Shizu!”This afternoon is over we should take” such Gouqietousheng alive, now dead, what difference?”
  Until the late, “May-by,” the story began to turn child, little monkey mood also turned from despair before fearless carefree, quite a bit “East Wind Breaks” in Songyuan Gu Li looked in no way helpless state, only fit on.
  Two roles are very tragic tragic, basically acting late in this state of mind, a great emotional impact of negative energy on the actor, her every day