Forced to calm down, “her friend here should not be much, let her come over specially no more.Because our family in general, when the university that would be, we are all busy, but she points busier than me because she wanted to go abroad, but also a little pride.”

  At that time in accordance with the score, Yan Sulin should account for a student exchange places, but somehow, she places a rich second girl was the replacement.
  Yan Suxin that would have been comforted her, she said no, Yan Suxin believed, but never imagined a few years later, she would actually come out to make up for this by changing the child when she resigned.
  ”I actually have a question, I have not been too nerve to ask, then, why change the child can succeed?”Over the years, the reason why Qin Bo has never doubted his identity, he really can not imagine changing the child will be successful, because both the empire or the small city, not a small place, it logically nothing operability ah.
  ”Even a little thing because his father, so that would be my birth also small city”, talking about this, Yan Suxin’s face it does not look good, “Huai’an.He was born a few days ago, a few days later you, but I just gave birth to a child that day, the hospital suddenly haunted.”
  Yan Suxin had never doubted when