Let’s develop new towns Tai Po, Tuen Mun and other affected!Next Continental and British Governments will certainly soon begin negotiations on the question of Hong Kong.Once did not go well in Hong Kong property prices is likely to fall!Do you think the mainland government to recover Hong Kong how determined?”

  Xushi Xun frowned and said.Hong Kong is known as the first generation of shipping tycoon Xu, as early as the beginning of the sixties has been abandoned boat landing.Now the name of the ship has long been a selling space, the whole family’s assets are mainly concentrated in the real estate industry.The future of Hong Kong’s future, it can be said is directly related to the vital interests of Hsu directly.The reason Xushi Xun opportunity to join the mission, but also want to take this personally go north to snoop about news.
  China is the return of Hong Kong national interests, every Chinese people naturally are afraid to publicly say you can go to the British colonial continue.But like Xushi Xun rich, not necessarily mind no other idea.Although down by the British continued to control only when the second-class citizens, but at least they now have the wealth will not be the slightest threat.Once taken over from the mainland who can not tell what will happen in the future.
  ”Xu life, you know?Diaoyutai State Guesthouse officially open to the business community since last year!It is said that luxurious presidential suite like this, spending a night price is $ 3998!Closed-door policy as early as in the Qing Dynasty.It has been shown to change the development of the social maladjustment!I think the reform and opening up of the mainland government action, is the real thing, the North – Beijing stance is more open areas!
  As for the future of Hong Kong, I think as long as the mainland government to stand firm, and not too many British way.The new 97-year maturity