Tin Ying grabbed this point there will certainly be a big issue]

  [Really unlucky]
  [The six men are not fools?Such a big occasion, how can you do it?]
  [This is when someone is a fool chant]
  [It should be accustomed to the habit of copying others, we have not had an accident, so this is also something that will not]
  [Often in the river walk, do not wet shoes ah]
  [See fairies how to deal with it]
  Lu seventy-one simply a bit early Guoya Jie Feng, who directly silly, followed on quickly resolved, they have absolutely no intention of infringement and behavior, because it is in line to see, feel good did as rehearsed, If you know the required authorization to play, they will definitely go to apply for authorization ah!!
  ”It seems that you are really talking about the same with the comments ism used to be, I could not tell the boundaries of the law.”Sire seventy-one silence,” You know, now comes troubled company, alleging a bucket of gold reasoned legal compliance, if I do not represent the company come forward to deal with you, either you or the company’s future situation here are no better.”
  Lu seventy-one just say, “So, thank you for your participation so far, Zhang Yun to receive a red envelope, right over there.”
  ”!!!!!”Guo Yajie more dumbfounded,” etc.!!”
  Reach out to pull Lu seventy-one, the staff was the sudden appearance of blocking, in fact, this is the bodyguard.

226 Chapter justice
  It was followed Guoya Jie pulled her