We need to keep happy, keep the good and keep my love.”

  Lin-sheng look at him.
  ”I find a way to replace Zhou Yi Lan.”Yao Ji ceremony continued..
  ”No need to.”Lin-sheng, shaking his head,” I’d like to see him in the end to be playing tricks.”
  Yao Ji ceremony also want to speak, Lin-sheng added: “He has been little opportunity, did not catch any handle, the opportunity to send home, and I do not want to miss.”
  Yao Ji ceremony for a moment, “OK, anyway, I have been by your side.”
  Heard these words, Lin-sheng heart first a sweet, what immediately flashed, he looked hesitantly.
  Yao Ji ceremony were Wang was puzzling, “ah?”
  ”Ji brother, I have to tell you a sad thing.”Lin-sheng sighed.
  Yao Ji ceremony heart some urgency, Naoliao what he creak nest, “you can quickly say.”
  ”Ah ha” Lin-sheng tickled twisted in bed the next, “I said. I said, is the” rest of his life have you “first special stage, a few days before the destination is Xiamen, but only Fufu in one go , intended to explore life from the state of her husband’s party.”
  Yao Ji ceremony shocked.
  Lin-sheng quickly said: “it only three days, and then arrive at the next stop, Hong Kong, when her husband have come three, we