?”Ye hidden voice trembling slightly:” Say, who gave you courage?That girl you?”

  Carter, leaf hidden on the back foot heavy kick in the grass poison po!
  If not, he holds the grass poison prescription can ease the pain of that woman osteoclasts, he certainly did not dare to do such a thing, only he can just make medicine to ease his pain grass poison woman kind of living death.
  So no matter how he kind of just this pathetic old woman, the old woman did not dare say not a word to him,!
  ”I was not too tolerant of you, every time before you attack will advance to the medicine you are ready, so you’ve forgotten me is your benefactor?”Ye have not hidden the inner anger control.
  He does not know Know to heal their inner anger!
  ”So, tomorrow is the day of your disease, you will take you to endure the pain of living death that swallowed the heart of it osteoclasts!Do not blame me not to remind you!”Ye hidden past is a heavy kick.
  Some grass poison woman’s body trembling slightly.
  She is not afraid of the hidden leaf beaten her, she was afraid to swallow that kind of pain the heart of osteoclasts, that she simply can not stand the pain.
  Cleistogenes said yes, tomorrow is the onset of her period, she needs to give her medicine or hidden leaf.
  If she can not eat odd drugs hidden leaf to her fried tomorrow, she will be in great pain into the sun sets.
  This pain