Jaw gestured for her to see the words on the cake.

  ”Xu Xianglin.This is a birthday cake?”
  She thought he was a stranger’s mind eating birthday cake, distress and said: “Yes, he bought a lot of friends, eat, let me get it back, if you do not mind.”
  ”Is he your boyfriend?”
  ”Not.”She was almost bitten his tongue, busy shaking his head.
  He Ce Toukan her hand ask the ask her cheek, the cool touch of pulp from, will be looking at her: “Really?”
  Xin micro long silence, shaking his head again, think right, and quickly and nodded.
  He snorted softly, squinting looked at the cake, cold brought back lip, want to restrain the urge to kick turn the cake, calm voice said: “I want to eat that day you do the dishes, you can?”It seems afraid she does not agree, he looked at her expression softened, Yadisangyin said,” I have not eaten for several days, you do the dishes delicious.”
  He actually volunteered to eat, listening to Mr. Shen Xin micro long those words, listen to him say, feeling quite flattered, do not cut the cake, the knife and fork aside will stand up.
  ”No trouble, I have to do anyway, eat, eat one more person still lively point.”