Learning it?”

  ”Learn?”Mu Wen Liu Liping folds of the later books looked up at him:” What do you mean?”
  ”Now the Ministry of Education opened a self-study college entrance examination, the university can also go on reading scores in the case of compliance.”Flower Qing explained:” Miyazato teacher can help you cram some homework.”
  Mu Wen Liu’s eyes flashed, but quickly down the dark: “I’m afraid not very convenient.”
  He tried to explain these things: “I have actually signed the contract and the boss, ready after his return, he went to the company to work.”
  Flower Qing did not expect this turn of events layer, subconsciously asked: “What do you want to move out yet?”
  ”The more the boss there has not confessed,” Mu Wen Liu seriously said: “But the program group gave me a bonus, rent a room or enough.”
  Flower Qing suddenly shook his head, a step closer: “You finally save some money, but also to live here saved.”
  Mu Wen Liu ignorant two seconds: “Palace House.I can not afford to rent ah.”
  ”And if I do not do never complained, and then live here too inappropriate.”He gave polite and friendly smiles to:” Thank you so take care of me, after I tried to do a few pieces to give your jacket.”

  Flower Qing tried to stopped him, but he was still looking at the night’s assistant also picked up.
  Mysterious Jade Palace blamed for leaving him a