Chinese characters are not a face.

  What good fill.After all, home address, contact information, hobbies, birthday sign, do not know nothing XIA away.
  So the message board, the process is winter drew two Q edition doll.Front Back, as a.Positive sunny smile dolls, doll back angrily drum face.
  Although it is lovely Q version, but it is clear that XIA away when the prototype drawing cartoon doll.
  So when 16-year-old XIA received the piece of paper away, obviously very pleased, and also deliberately made a paper doll Q version almost grumpy expression: “I have so fat it!”
  Cheng Dong laughed: “Q version of the lost is not cute, round to the job.You can eat more distant, a little more like this.”
  Original XIA away grunted, then he plans to give away the best treatment winter, he carefully put that page, put in a cover page became Classmates.
  Today XIA away a finger, tracing a bit rotund paper dolls, suddenly turned around and ran out of the house.
  When she ran half way up, think of it, to touch his pocket phone, you should first ask not drive winter off work, not at home.
  Then slide to unlock screen