”Not any more?”
  Donna looked wearing a black short-sleeved and black trousers, a black Yu Ze, shoving the drink of mineral water he had just handed him.
  ”Not any more.”
  Yu Ze unscrewed the cap, slowly sipping his head, down his neck and sweat shed.
  He is sweating, sticky black hair in the ears, exposing the neck and cheeks wet, cold white face in the backdrop of black hair is even more solemn.
  Donna looked at him, looked down at his cell phone: “I just saw online and forwarded to break fifty thousand video clips, you and Bai Yalin inside it is an exchange that attack.”
  Yu Chak throat almost choked to death in the water.
  He put down the bottle, cold whispered: “Do not look at things that mess!”
  ”How mess up?The following comments are boast of your armor.”She turned over the curious comment:” A doubled what it means?”
  According to Yu Ze literally I guess what: “Excellent meaning?”
  ”I really turned a.”Donna said with learning and using.
  Bai Yalin standing in the distance, staring at the stage next to the intimacy of two people talking.
  ”Oh, look what you see, do not be camera to take.”Zhao Jian block in front of him, pretending to be natural to speak to him:” I just