State, then this type of God only when a road, by the spiritual power purification ceremony rune, the maximum possible wash his body resentment, so that they can likely return to the original look.”

Wu Tao slightly eyes wide open, a bit emotional excitement, he eagerly looked Wei Zhen Ann, could not resist: “Really!?Zhou Zhou can recover his original appearance.”

An Wei Zhen slowly nodded, “theoretically possible, but because I am also the first time with a rune type, so the specific energy in the first purification, to achieve the effect of what, I am not very clear.”

Wu Tao understanding nod, “without problems, I know you spent pains, finally able to what extent, Zhou Zhou is the call, but also the worst anyway, so now, and I can see it, you Ann Masters feel goodness, I’m not that one such wicked uncle, Zhou Zhou I put to you, I can feel at ease.”

Wu Tao finished, suddenly no longer the blessing of Zhou Zhou, body flash will be completely exposed in front of Ann Zhou Zhou Wei Zhen.Zhou Zhou Tao Wu looked amazed at this time, totally do not understand why his brother on the back water directly in a few words at a time.

Safety Only Zhen nodded slightly, channels that sandwich the fingertip of formula rune, Aura poured directly fired Zhouzhou!