This Yeyun Dong also shameless ah possession!

  Compared to so many outside the general model of the girl, which is simply this fairy ah.
  Street language to speak, but directly by the white broken leaf.
  ”Well, not a greeting, and quickly began.”
  In the street language constantly looked down upon them, everyone gathered in the conference hall, street language and southerly last night were sitting on either side of the conference table, each person placed in front of a computer.
  Mo Yu heart standing in front of a conference table projector, simply explain the process at the source code is lost, and the importance of their company’s new products confidential.
  Street language Yue Ting the more dignified face, until Mo Yu heart to explain finished, just back snappily white leaves a curse.
  ”You’re not his mother said to me repair, repair a computer it?”
  White leaves spread out his hands, a look of innocence, “This is not to repair the computer it?”
  Street language:.
  Restoration source code, which it called special computer repair it?Are you kidding me, old iron?
  Street language rolled his eyes, but for the sake of so many girls, I did not do this dirty work.
  Mo Yu took the heart of new product introduction read a few pages, unfamiliar language suddenly shines.
  ”Beauty, this is you get out?”