“What do you mean?”

“It is the literal meaning of ah.”Jiang Chu smiled and said: ‘I say, thinking that any delay in its master told me, it is better to pay more attention on the plight of who you are backing today, do ‘
Jiang Chu smile all dark again: “Do you really think you can get that day and so do I open street?”
Any master back up and cold wind, a kind of uneasy feeling, I want to ask, but Jiang Chu has been turned around without looking far away.
Ugly face of any classic look to the side of the steward: “What do you mean she?Chai means there is a thing?”
That steward Samsam said: “It seems, is what it means.”
“What a child?Why I did not know, she knows first hand?”Any master Li He heard.
Steward immediately said: “I’ll go check!”
But he has not had time to go out, I saw a servant came in a hurry, also shouting: “Sir, sir bad!”
“What a child?!”Any master tone are some of the hot-tempered