These words still had an impact on Su Yuan.

  But, he dedicated machine can let Su Yuan came to him, do not let Su Yuan willingly with him, which made him feel a cognitive frustration, but can not do anything, say emotions are not too fussy, he was chosen to force, also unrepentant.
  Anya know from season to engage in afterwards, Fu did not take raw cold season Anya how, just on the verge of bankruptcy Jishi Group occasion, pushed a little, to speed up the process of Jishi bankruptcy, the only season that tens of millions of Anya is the father of the whole season smashed in, and soon lose everything.
  Home of bankruptcy, but also blocked the entertainment business, only by virtue of the season Anya had fame, by moonlighting to make a living, as last season Anya what fate will fall, not a consideration in the raw cold of the Fu.
  As Huozhi Hui –
  Fu is poor and looking for someone to put this behind Huo Zhihui thrown in poor countries, let her fend for themselves, think of those words Su Yuan told him, he hesitated, he does not think this is what’s wrong, you should cut the grass dig up the roots, can not give someone else the opportunity to fight back, even Huo Zhihui now lift not see what the storm.
  But what if Su Yuan know, he did not know what would have happened.
  He did not dare bet.
  Well, I thought to poor Fu, Su Yuan