Put too much thought and effort in it, sometimes emotional pull away from the role does not come out, over time, the people have become a little low, very quiet.

  This course is suitable for her state acting, but will hurt herself, Shen Meng Star play at a time, I would deliberately tell her something others did not, she will come out from the emotional inner tube.
  But with little effect, Ding Jane look in the eyes of almost worried to death, for fear that the drama played out these two lovely Little Joe never come back.
  Only through a video phone every night with Horch, she was any connection before, that just could not be an exception.
  Ding Jane next to see fear, is over, is not it schizophrenia?
  Sheng Qiaoming order prohibits her secretly report it to Horch, worried about the impact of his studies to Horch, Horch Ding Jane would dare say, saw it brush the phone, to see this year’s musicianship music night will be held at week held in Hangzhou, Zhao Yu will participate.
  Ding Jane eyeball a turn, got the idea, to Zhao Yu micro letter, this time the state of Sheng Joe told her, Zhao Yu news’d return quickly, he said: rest assured, to me.
  No more than a moment, lying in bed watching the play Zhao Yu Sheng Joe had received a phone.
  ”Fairy doing ah?”
  ”Fairy in the back lines.”
  ”Fairy want to protect the law yet?”
  ”No fairy fantasy.”
  Zhao Yu at the other end inserted Branch