But the sector accounted for 92% of the whole area of Hong Kong.As long as the mainland insist on recovery in the New Territories, the British even rely on the remaining 8% did not place much value!

  Not to mention the mainland government even now holding the hands of three of the British treaty.Have never acknowledged to be positive, you might think they would accept the British rule in Hong Kong continue to do?To know China is also the five permanent members.If we can not get back in the New Territories lease expires in Hong Kong, how the government accountable to all the people.This is a blow to the prestige of endangering the rule-based!”Li Xuan said softly.
  ”Li Sheng, born Xu, Deng has been Chairman of the Central Jie Feng welcome home banquet for everyone in the Great Hall!”Fok Ying Tung came in with a smile, he is the chairman and convener of the Hong Kong delegation to inform you ready to go.
  A pedestrian quickly left the car at the Great Hall Guesthouse, Li Xuan limousine ride this car is a Volkswagen.Mainland automotive industry and in other respects, far behind the international advanced level, the famous red car because of fuel, high cost, low yield, has been close to the cut-off.Shanghai automobile plant is in talks with Volkswagen, we hope to introduce technology through joint ventures, rapid increase in the level of the domestic auto industry.
  Li Xuan looked out the window of Chang’an Avenue, Beijing 1981 sky blue transparent, open and spacious road.The era of the North – Vikings are not very happy?Do not tolerate the destruction of haze health, do not endure traffic jams waste of life.But this is a material deprivation, most commodities need to supply tickets era.
  If you ask people in this age, as long as the sky