More excited, even some crazy struggle together, “fairies you what this means?and many more!!What are you disqualified we enter the draft???We can not continue to compete role yet???You mean it is?”

  Framed by four bodyguards and Miu Miu envelope Lu seventy-one nodded, “Yes, you were disqualified the.”
  Tao Man child wig ripped off the head, “As for that right?We not intentional ah!!”
  Rice children also look incredible, “It’s that little thing, you have to sacrifice our?”
  ”We have done something wrong in the end?”Always silent Qin rain also ask such question.
  Liao Xiaoxiao to be very calm, but a look of indifference on the side of the sidelines, apparently aloof strange attitude.
  Feng also stopped early Guoya Jie, “because of negligence in the end we made a mistake, the mistake to be recognized.Fairies also come forward on behalf of the company, the company is now no way, and we can not let the company sued it?”
  He just read a review, already know what happened.Under a bucket of gold significantly blunt statement, and if they go on is followed, is really a bad thing.Companies here have to follow the eating hanging down.
  After listening to a brief explanation Guoya Jie Feng early, more excitement, and we must struggle to land seventy-one rushed to him, completely no way, she could only growl, “You obviously have said the company is our strongest backing, because now so little you have to give up on us?You have to sacrifice us to please