Baby to keep warm this site can not be ignored

How to determine whether the baby warm clothes in general judging how much the baby to wear appropriate, touch their forehead, neck and back and other parts of perception, if these parts are dry and warm, it means dressed just right; if it was a bit warm wet, indicating that the child sweating, clothes need to reduce the。 Baby warm winter Misunderstanding 1: "tiers" worry about the baby catch cold winter, Baba Ma Ma if you are used inside and outside the tiers tightly wrap the baby, fear not warm?But in fact over-warm winter is not a good thing, too much wear wrapped too strict limits not only the baby's activities affect the body heat can easily lead to pressure on the baby's rib cage, restricted breathing, lack of fresh air will cover the baby happen heat syndrome, every minute there is the danger of suffocation。 Baby to keep warm Myth 2: by hand to determine temperature cold in many Baba Ma Ma are used by small hands to touch the baby's well-being to determine whether the baby dress fit, but in fact light touch hands to determine the hot and cold do not fly, if baby hand long exposed, naturally cold, even if you give the child tiers to wear extra clothes, kids are sweating the small hands may be cold。