We can act together.”

  Yao Ji ceremony of the computer, took out his mobile, “now that it is still time to exit the program.”
  Lin-sheng pressed him to call the action, “Ji brother, this is programming.”
  Yao Ji ceremony: “I will make arrangements for them to change it, that station Xiamen let go with husband.”
  Forest Health took his cell phone, holding his hand, “Ji brother, people set up such a program group, so naturally it is necessary to set up, is to make the program showing the best results.”
  Yao Ji ceremony concentrate all, no longer speak, once again open the computer, just continue to work in silence.
  Forest Health clubbing his head in front of Yao Ji ceremony, blocking computers, looked at him helplessly.
  Yao Ji ceremony forefinger, poked his brain door, pushed aside.
  ”Ah brother discipline your nails pressed my meat.”Lin-sheng efforts his nose, covered his forehead.
  Yao Ji ceremony busy clawed his hand, “Where?”
  The results of his forehead only a shallow red dot, not even a nail print faceless, Yao Ji ceremony just not willing to hard.
  Yao Ji ceremony glanced at him.
  Lin-sheng hung on his neck, shook, “Ji brother do not sulking.”
  Yao Ji ceremony: “I did not.”
  ”I know you’re worried about me.”Lin-sheng smiling