Sister in law and brother in New York, estimated that play very happy, I heard the other four children have begun to take the tree house in the garden of the Royal Imperial Samurai who took.
  Flowers began to celebrate the life of a man a liver papers to go to college.
  He sometimes felt not in the habit of looking at the small black fish aquarium also feel strange alone.
  Finally, Mu Wen Liu carrying food home, he rented the house next door roommate finally came to live.
  ”King -” the long-haired teenager almost bought the fish hit him: “how do you here?!”
  What happened yet palace?
  Flower Qing look decent took his hand and fish dishes, aside kitchen also taking along a bottle of Coke: “I am here is near the school, on the way over to rent a house.”
  Ring your home to buy it a half turn can.
  Liu Mu heard some embarrassing standing there, also awkward: “But now I go to training every day, no way to take care of your, ah.”
  ”First of all, that you do not use the honorific.”Flower Qing sipped his Coke Stern said:” Secondly, I can cook delicious.”
  ”Did not you always wanted to try the squirrel mandarin fish do?”

Chapter 94

  As the son of the hotel magnate, stay at the Four Seasons Hotel New York, the more we also subconsciously night with his father’s way of looking at a lot of things.
  This two-story built some fifty old