Look, the news is just the winter sent me away, saying he just got off work, ask distant did not sleep, if you sleep good night.

  XIA away because generally sleep early, her task this semester teaching three classes a week, two sections are the first in the morning, one at night is the last one, so she always had a ten p.m. ready to sleep, the province got two days to get up early, get up the biological clock to die to live, missed the lesson.
  That night she happened to be 8:30 class, usually after her teacher after class back to the apartment Aspect paper documents to make trouble, it’s time to wash the rest.Cheng winter night off work is readily ask to see XIA away did not return messages, I thought she was asleep.
  Dong Cheng result bathed themselves out, I heard someone rang the bell.Cheng winter very strange, big night, he was not any shouting takeaway.When he went to the door to look, actually XIA away.
  XIA Dong Cheng rushed to throw open the door, surprising way: “Distant?what happened?Fingerprint record is not for you.”
  The results opened the door, he was breathless XIA rushed away full, good circled his waist, hold tight.
  This little this little weight, but added flutter does not fall away in winter, but the process is still winter retreat for two