Just go and general director said, the next immediately turn to you, this is the last rehearsal, had finished you can start to play the waiting lounge.”

  See he still looked at the two men, persuade Zhao Jian again: “Do not take things too hard, the circle of beautiful female idol so much, why stare at the Lord and hold it?”
  ”I know.”Bai Yalin turned away.
  Zhao Jian, shaking his head behind Gee.
  Really the greater the fame, the greater temper, do not look at who brought him this step Pengdao!
  Yu Ze after Donna and family came to the sea TV lounge for their preparation, Yu Ze first took a change of clothes to take a bath, and Donna sitting in the lounge waiting for him.
  The door was opened, she thought it was Yu Ze came back, looked up, but it is Bai Yalin.
  Donna laughed: “Harper, how do you come?”
  Bai Yalin came: “.you alone?”
  Look at this innocent eyes, takes a really loaded like if he did not know she was a person in the lounge, he dared to come over me?
  Donna pretend I do not know, he nodded his head: “Yu Ze to dress up.”
  ”I would like to ask you.”Bai Yalin whispered, eyes will be looking at her:” I want to invite you to do the heroine of my new album, will you.”