255 Chapter flame

“Too took office stars, strain-free stop”, with the first acoustic sound Zhen Wei An, that road has been labeled Talisman body Zhou Zhou, Zhou Zhou five short stature in vain with the spin on the sofa, it would have been Road Talisman tightly pressure in the body dawdle, as if the fire is a general, grim face appeared out of anger.

Wu Tao in the side of the frightened look, Zhou Zhou wanted to speak out again and again quiet, but this time it is like Zhou Zhou has been thoroughly inspired his fierce nature in general, against the words of Wu Tao of persuasion loved a deaf ear, body since supply, sharp, sharp teeth bared play, facing Zhen Wei An audible muffled roar.

“Exorcism tied charm, life insurance Body,” An Wei Zhen Zhou Zhou is like totally did not see such a brutal appearance, slowly closed his eyes, smooth tone and with a deep sense of coercion, is as ordinary people Wu Tao can be felt, as the only safe Zhen read out every word, the entire width of the living room, as if caught in the midst of all coercion, the weight of the person can not breathe, can not help but emerge forehead a cold sweat, but also because of the fear of sudden finger, and began to tremble stop.

Wu Tao carefully raised his eyes and looked at Ann Wei Zhen does not move awe looking like a mountain, but also slightly moving a bit eye, to see Shen North Star,