r’s words, he could not wait for the teacher to share those concerns, but only according to the current number, they have to reckon accounts may have spent several days.

  ”Of course, the practice of our people, still want to practice as the most important.”Pei Naochun pondered, like very hesitant, ‘may the moon were the future, it is also very important.’
  The end of brainwashing few disciples, began to imagine a t北京夜网ime in between practice and master martial affairs struggling scene, two brothers take the lead in the opening: “Master, moon were for us, and just as important as practice!”Their sense of martial art, mostly heavy.
  Pei Naochun up subconsciously concluding remarks: “So we come from the masses, to the masses.”
  ”what?”Disciples北京风月会所 in unison, especially puzzled.
  ”Moon were the rise, the need is a concerted effort throughout the inside and outside of the door.”Brainwashing master Pei Naochun back,” It is up to you work hard.”He said, meaningful, look far, looked out.
  The head also said, in the cases of the moon, the topics of discussion, mostly detached and practice, normally meet, say hello, then later, with the basic greetings are also senior, junior big into practice recently, free learn learn or what has to Heart little income, the rapid mood, share something, anything out of the experience or share the task again, newly opened Fam.During this time may be a few head of subglottic disciples began triggered a new round of trends.
  ”Li, your disciples do?”Wu elders retreat just out of cultivation into large, is planning to visit some disciples o苏州桑拿网f homework, but found himself under the door disciple, give all disappeared, leaving only a small, and do not know, just say go for the older students moon were to do great things, and can be as elders, he clearly heard no big deal these doors recently occurred, even this severely to some kid had pulled it out?
  Lee Elder brow furrowed, the past few days, he found this strange, mysterious disciples, from time to ti