me like a few days gone, he specially went to the disciples saw the room, but also no sign of retreat , if not know the moon were safe, he thought it was their own disciples to eat the demons swallow: “they do not know where to go, do the recent opening Fam?They can repair different, how can all into the same Fam?If she really go in, do not they do the same on my master’s to say it?”

  ”Yes, this is what happens i广州桑拿网n the end?I even went to see the light of life, no problem.”Moon were dedicated attic, stood all disciples lamp life, after all, self-cultivation sector, out of life experiences and always come back like a few years, this sector is very big, not so easy to find a person, then a few years ago there were doors down the mighty research methods remain lamp life, if his death Consumers Road, lamp life will be extinguished immediately.
  Li remembered what elders, took out several sheets of paper from mustard space: “It is my great disciple in the room to see, you see, what are these.”His early this morning, from the great disciple of the table, so to see several sheets of paper, write on top of such astronomical, what a vertical, two rings and the like, a small, unlike their usual writing.
  Wu elders informed, squinting for a long time, 上海夜网he failed to understand: “This.What do the authors of this ancient text?”He speculated that” perhaps they really found a Fam!”
  ”No!”Lee Elder still worried,” After much deliberation, still have to go to the head.”This is the moon were always habit, not solve the problem, very simple, you have to throw the head!Since北京养生会所 they could not find apprentices, and let the head go.
  Said the devil to, he tried to start two, the entrance hall, there was a familiar figure, it is both the head of the mouth of the Pei Naochun.
  ”Master, you happen to come, I tell you, my apprentice lost!”Wu elders eyes wide like bells, waving just to get the paper, ‘You see, this is a note they left behind.’
  Pei Naochun a closer look and see what the sto