Female ovulation and when ovulation What are the symptoms

In addition, a key factor in the peace of mind is pregnant。 If long-term anxiety and tension (including work, live and on fertility) can affect sexual function and semen quality in men and women's ovulation and egg function。
Both men and women should not be overly concerned about the problem of ovulation, regulating anxiety and tension of a successful pregnancy is certainly helpful。 What are the symptoms of ovulation 1, loss of appetite and women in the ovulation period, the appetite will decline, studies have shown that ovulation is the lowest food intake of women during the menstrual cycle。 This is because the effects of hormones, so that ovulation female animals will focus more attention on finding heterosexual mating, thus less concerned about looking for food。
2, richer energetic effort is another symptom of the women's ovulation, which is inherited from the natural human instinct, that in order to successfully attract the opposite sex, so women will behave more spiritual, more hope to express themselves, to attract opposite sex。 Female ovulation when 3, increase libido That ovulation occurs ovulation, this time the female libido will become more vigorous, ovulation chances of pregnancy usually relatively high, so if you want to pregnant women, high sex drive in which ovulation symptoms particularly evident。 4, vaginal discharge increased vaginal discharge vaginal secretions of women in the ovulation period, ovulation, women have increased vaginal discharge symptoms。 Usually ovulation female vaginal discharge, under normal circumstances there is no odor, is a slightly acidic viscous material, having a wet vagina, excrete waste, inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria, is a normal physiological phenomenon。