rytellers content on slips of paper, and that the text is very simple, not that he taught Arabic numerals few disciples do?He did not divulge the surface, still calm, after all these “missing” disciples, gone, his heart door clear.

  ”Wu elders, Lee Elder assured, where several of his disciples go, I’m aware of at the moment are safe.”Pei Naochun all in a calm way of hands, about two elders to appease the restless heart.
  ”Since the head so that I can rest assured.”Miss Elder crisp agreed, wondering to continue to retreat – the head of all the promise, there is nothing to worry about?Since the security, there is no problem!
  ”and many more.”Pei Naochun saw two elders to go, stopped suddenly stopped,” T北京会所体验网oday I have this, there is a two elders and things like talk.”
  ”Master please say.”Lee Elder sat down immediately, for many years head of the moon were very prestige, he said, people are convinced, they find since the head, it must be something big!
  ”Is such that.”Pei Naochun well versed in face changing stunt, under sleeves clenched fist, frowning,” the two elders, we were the moon, we have reached a critical moment!”
  ”what!”The two elders stood up at the same time, he looks surprised, a demon invasion yet?Or the upper bound of fragmentation?War or internal self-cultivation sector?How good a moon were here so much, suddenly a crisis?
  ”You hear me say.”Pei Naochun voice sounded faint in the room, he was a martial art for survival worried look, can be behind, there is an invisible demon wings fluttering quietly, quickly, the two e北京风月网lders, they will understand that they baby apprentice, how missing missing.
  ”Brother, what are you doing?”My father went out early, really Ming Pei around several times and did not find people, will be practiced knife, then to the brothers that, fortunately, Big Brother just finishing bags.
  Habitually opening of the book: “Little Young, you know what our moon were most needed it now?”He blurted out, brake immediately,” how come you do n