ot stay together and master?”

  ”We need to become strong!”Pei Ming really high hands,” head out, my brother can play it together with you?”
  He cleared his throat book: “The older students not to play, but for the moon were struggling.”After listening to the ardent teachings of the master, he and several Young, high ideological consciousness has changed, the master right, up and down the moon were so many people, all pe南宁桑拿ople, no matter what, we must They work together with.
  He and several Shidi Men have been taught to master arithmetic Dafa popularity out, but also with Shidi Men peers, went to the outer door “experience life”, the master right, to go to the masses, to the outside door,We came to realize how much, on weekdays in front of them outside the door respectful steward, is how arrogant and despotic!Many outside the Disciples, are humiliation.
  They concealed the practice of turning, have been treated like everyone else, like what books he and refusing to be flexible, and paid Lingshi point – and this is the master commanded them to learn other things Disciples act, can not reveal identity, the result was assigned to the spiritual field farming, they began to realize that, in some places, is a work day long, not tired, until back 深圳桑拿网to the house, and even got up and had no strength, let alone practicing, This directly became infinite loop, being bullied, assigned to the poor work, excessive fatigue can not practice, you do not practice, can not repair Cheyne, continue to be insulted, in the end, only the basic compromise, they pay benefits to the steward.
  Again, they and others Disciples different, have the body there is spare capacity, estimated himself alone, knew the outer door of income, and very different from the books, as the stream where they specially-depth investigation, this find some steward at the local mountain of repairing some distance outside the house, after all, too close, concerns about the monks found down the mountain, and even embrace th