lord father is very happy friends.

  ”But very hard, you are still young, we thoug都市夜网ht the knife on the line.”He did not know the book, he saw little brother’s eyes, like a kindly old father, he and a few back master communication, the master said, everything and so little brother grow up again, and now he was little, no need to pursue so many.
  Besides, the master dignified head of a moon were, repair or, knee so a only child, on top of as well as their brothers to protect several divisions, of course, requires only little brother grow up happily!
  ”.it is good.”Pei Ming really depressed, he obviously also want to become strong, so happy dad.
  ”As long as such a smiling little brother every day, the master will feel happy.”He pulled out a book from a bag of mustard space of spiritual fruit crisp, brothers their division, everyone has the space, just waiting for the day to junior in the sector, to be fed,” Come, eat杭州龙凤网 a treat, do not worry.”
  Pei Ming really accustomed to being fed, mouth, eat, just do not care to say the truth out of him, then down, he said: “Brother, you wait, I’m sure after particularly severe!”
  ”it is good.”I understood the idea of the book is pretty small Young, but not encouraged, little brother was深圳桑拿网 so little of it, that knife is greater than he, each waving, like a knife waving his turn, several times, they have division brothers stunned to see his eyes, or later grow up to learn, “so after you taller than a knife, no matter how good we are eager to learn.”
  ”I’m already higher than the knife!”Ming Pei was infuriating hopping, he said he was afraid of people short, several times, the brothers have passed by, saw him dragging a knife walked, laughed at him, he obviously are the central temple boy his father’s help, to put the shoes in the mat, big Brother how high he did not actually know what a knife?He could not help but ask: “Brother, have you seen my shoes to put cushions yet?”
  He smiled book, little brother was a child it difficult for him