ce less than his little brother with a sword, and soon to the moon were the periphery of a mountain, then there is no few outside the door disciples, are recited, touched his face pay tribute to all blocks that have been touched to the ground level.

  ”this is?”Pei 广州桑拿Ming really looked up, very curious, what do ritual pilgrimage?
  ”This is the place to head jumping.”He cleared his throat books, hide the smile back, it also from a few years ago –
  At that time they were still outside the door “experience life”, and the outer door with his disciples into the same, listening to their mouth rumors of all kinds of magic: for example, the outer door disciple of the mouth, the Disciples are arrogant and despotic, frequently see people not liking , it is necessary stretched out a finger, the portrait ants run over, this is simply nonsense, to have time every day to go to man, the whole man, mind is not correct, it should be out demons, and also to what Sin?Outside the Disciples also used to say, the inner door intrigue, everyone wants to head.Ah, then what happens to bear a lot of book work for 北京夜生活the head of a few people, strongly opposed.What is there to say among the inner door, stepped on every day, holding high low, head of the child, normally sure they relied on a head of a child, the fellow, division and sisters are not as human beings.They heard this, remembering that the package seen crying, just speechless, so small, even the knives are out of reach Xiaoluobotou, how to insult someone else?
  Ignore these weird rumors, there are some very tricky, such as certain steward always like enrichment, certain steward lust, which have become the grateful intelligence Disciples later use.
  On that day, all of a sudden there is an external door disciple, grim place into the dormitory, his face is the nose, and tears, said the mountain has a white ghost!What they did book seriously, I just feel he is wrong, after all, wer都市夜网e the moon to be able to casually into demons, that these doo