rs are distinguished from the calculations.The next day, the third day.On the sixth day, there are people who, a few books where, as a deep sense of their Disciples, has the duty to investigate the truth, they get together, a dark and stormy night in high, to the mountain, and then they saw , dressed in white, he floated faint and went straight to the cliff and jumped down from that –

  He book blurted out: “Master -” do the authors is a master obsessions?Why in the mountainJumping?He even blind, all recognize it is her master!Other disciples heard this, scared, and looked at each other, I do not 苏州桑拿网hesitate to go back and inform their teacher.
  Of course, they will not misunderstand the head of leaping to his death, if a monk died suddenly jump from here on the spot, that the moon were finished early.
  They waited a long time to wait until Pei Naochun from the bottom of the hill riding sword up, her hand clutching an old book, he stuck in mid-air, awkwardly glanced at his disciples, and finally silence each other, asked good, then they get a statement from Pei Naochun that, said he perceived the head of the mountain to a Fam, they often go on probing, did not expect to actually cause misunderstanding.
  Pei Naochun did not tell the truth, in fact this place, this is a chance to get the last generation Wentian, he was being bullied, he fell off the cliff chasing, found the five elements Dafa such a purified spiritual roots i北京夜网n the bottom of the cliff , if there is this Heart, so he qualified upgrade, I am afraid that simply can not follow the practice of other exercises.
  Pei Naochun and no chance of taking advantage of people thought he included this Dafa out, after copying the public on a collection of Court, who contributed enough points, they can be copied to that one, self-cultivation, and this is the whole number of doors, including comprehension sector is disclosed, as to the end of the cliff, he copied the copy kept in that, if in this life, and that Wentian also