Woman to conquer a man's skills so that he can not do without you

Again, the night the couple hundred days grace, a man and his wife, though not necessarily Enchongrushan, but definitely three children who can not be replaced kindness。 After all, you get along with him a long time and then, after all, also earlier than that, but he told his first wife。 Three children who lose lose recognized after a meal like this, no matter under your first stuttering delicacies or bread and water, even if they are digested, depleted, but it gives you nutrients your body was the first time absorbed。 Mahogany is not a crime, but can not change the habits of human nature dictates。 If a man says he does not bother, as one love a woman, either hypocrisy and affectation, or is that thing does not work the lower body。
No man that thing, is not a normal woman would not want to be the!Smart women do not care about the occasional efforts to reach the men, if he remembers his way home, but also to pay all to you, and you still maintain a harmonious marriage。 Let him go play, man like a child, the child's nature already playing a word, naturally had enough to go home, there is little do remember, take control of his health thing, do not bring back STDs!The best way to enter the house without letting sexually transmitted diseases, is to give you the secret place of his briefcase put enough condoms!Of course, you have to remember every day to open the door to develop the habit of not coming home so he does not come back last in the house, get in your bed。
This is equal pushed him into the arms of three children who do!As long as you let up man, let him everywhere, even outside there is another big lure more children three children four five children of six children, he was the last to you, he had to be willing to abandon the rest of your life after you。
Because, going through thousands of miles, he would suddenly conscience, his life has been unable to lose you。
More importantly, he used to have your presence day and night!Woman to conquer a man's skill is the most hated men know that once there, they come up with Wang Xifeng's a crying two busy three hanging means woman, not take yourself too high, people Xifeng so powerful woman, is also irreparable abandoned to their fate And you're not as good as her one finger, you actually have the nerve resorted to such dirty tricks tricks to deal with their men。
This shows not you thinking that you really do not want to fool myself beside the men returned。 You say you are not a one-time thing that men consume, but not bad, you are afraid of what you let a man tired of this trouble, cancel your right to use, you want to go back too late。
Do not forget, you've got the thing he most authoritative source for permanent use, and those three children who, temporarily will be happier than you happier than you, but you can not always occupied man that thing, because the three children were better, after all, also is passing。
Like men occasionally causes diarrhea, squatting in the toilet was a little longer is the same reason。
So when he went to the man derailed on the toilet, squatting natural finish on the back。 There is a saying, the couple quarrel end of the bed and the bed, which is not subvert the truth。
No overnight hatred between the so-called husband and wife, after playing Mama noisy, sleep at night, with another body placate the next day wake up, the smile still hee hee eat the drink, the loving usual conjugal love。 Three children may die, she did not dare quarrel, she knew a married man to make her money magic is gentle too, such as cats, obedience was not a little dignity。 Do not you see the three children were a noisy, facing the outcome was that word: roll!There are three little children who cry and shout continues after favored, this is the reality, because the three children who is a man gossip snacks, tasty snacks and then also tired of eating。 Perhaps Danru wife had water, but it is absolutely essential for life。 For more information, please visit Health 6681 health network!。