sion, is nothing more than add a personal identification to identify the main features Bale, do not point to open, what books you know, certainly is to help all kinds of information, other sects still “reform” the initial period, the basic task of all disciple深圳桑拿按摩s who pressure in the core, the problem is that these disciples, some bent only know what to practice, like those monks Holy Mosques, chanting sign solution clearly and logically, can really engage in management, most of them frown.

  Book as a moderator and chief of the moon were Affairs reform, very responsible, Rao is a lot of news, but also a place open strip careful answer, from time to time, the level of those issues, should he subconsciously worry frown.
  ”Big Brother!”From Dianwai, far came a young voice, with sound more and more close, his figure also appeared in the door of the temple, it is to those who really Pei Ming, he was wearing a vermilion robe, holding black-edged knife, ten-year-old boy, delicate features, are covered with the gas teenager.
  ”Here I am, really bright.”He laughed and broke into the book, quickly s杭州夜网论坛tood up, straightened his clothes carelessly slightly wrinkled,” Liandao over yet?Recently you repair a great gain, appeared to be able to break through.”He and master, as in front of a small Young, have some stalwart like to maintain their own image, though this image may have been a little stalwart.
  Pei Ming rea北京夜生活网lly seems helplessly: “Brother, you read my Liandao yet?”Again.
  ”Do not look, I also know that we must be very clear really blade.”He book full of rainbow fart, he did not feel that, just think is sincere,” you grew hard work and practice, but also talent, how one can match up How about you?”
  ”.”Pei Ming really tired, he did not want to speak.
  He book and said: “Last time martial majority, your knife will get a lot of praise, forum posts I have seen, everyone you look far more people do Doukua.”
  Pei Ming really deadpan, not because they were praised and heart turmoil, fo